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SEMPER - Neutral maintenance shampoo

SEMPER - Neutral maintenance shampoo


Neutral maintenance shampoo with high lubricating action

  • Semper is a super-concentrated neutral maintenance shampoo with high lubricating action.  With excellent cleaning properties and a pleasant scent, Semper is completely safe on previously applied nano-coatings and waterproofing treatments: it can be used without removing even the most delicate underlying wax layers. , like those made from carnauba and is "Easy To Rinse" with a spray nozzle.  Its special characteristics allow it to be used with excellent results, also with a foam gun.

    Semper, without waxes or brightness enhancers, does not cause scratches and can also be used on windows.  Its foam was developed to dissolve dirt on the surface of the car, encapsulating it and keeping it in suspension, removing it safely but gently.  Its high foaming properties, combined with outstanding lubrication, create a “foam pad” that allows Semper to wash the car without the risk of dirt damaging the body.

    Semper has been thoroughly researched, developed and tested in Mafra laboratories in cooperation with the world's most prestigious sports car manufacturers for the launch of new models.

  • SÈMPER is extremely high performing even at high dilutions (up to 1:1500) and may be used with medium hard water. For harder water, it is recommended to increase the concentration or use our #SÀTINO shampoo for easier drying and to reduce limescale residues. All references of the #Labocosmetic® a line benefit from the extensive experience accrued by Mafra within ISO 14001 certification: its guidelines, in fact, entail progressive reduction of the products’ environmental impact and water consumption.


    Add 10ml to 20ml of shampoo for 10L of water.

    Hazard statements
    H319 - Causes serious eye irritation.

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